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The Top 5 Best Board Management Software or Meeting Space

Board meetings are essential for a company’s hiring procedures, operational policies, and expansion plans. High-quality digital board meeting software that enables you to address all of the aforementioned business requirements, engage with teams remotely, and approve documents is required in order to do this properly. The top 5 board meeting applications will be covered in this post to help you conduct successful remote board meetings.

Nasdaq Boardvantage

A board interface that enhances productivity for businesses of all sizes is called Nasdaq Boardvantage. It is user-friendly and offers the resources of a worldwide brand that is at the forefront of corporate governance leadership. It was specifically designed to optimize the entire workflow of meetings.

The goal of Nasdaq Boardvantage is to promote excellence at every turn. Plan meetings quickly, add information, connect files, and keep track of attendance. Access necessary documents and swiftly communicate with coworkers about annotations, comments, and conversations. Link to internal and external sites to keep pertinent information accessible. Actionable items like e-signatures, approvals, surveys, and email will help you move beyond the board book. Options for physical and virtual meetings help to guarantee productivity anywhere. Pricing is straightforward, open, and provided upon request.

Diligent Boards

Diligent Boards assists in producing digital resources to help any company with a board and is designed for small and large organizations. Options for on-premises and cloud-based deployment are available.

On Diligent Boards, users who are present at board meetings can access contacts and calendars, manage annotations, browse shared resource repositories, and view archives of recent meetings. Board members have the option to keep materials locally and have access to information.

Meeting administrators can manage access to offline documents for board members, maintain an agenda archive, update resource repositories, build bespoke surveys, and count board votes and signatures.

Diligent Boards offers support as well as recurrent webinar courses for instruction on new content. You can buy Diligent Boards on a per-user, per-year basis.

Azeus Convene

The board management software, Convene is appropriate for large and midsize businesses in a variety of industries.

Only specific users will be able to access, view, and edit shared documents thanks to the access levels administrators can define for users. Participants also receive summaries of meetings that are prepared automatically, and users can establish data-retention schedules for secret information as necessary.

Convene offers rapid access to Customer Support through its app, portal, and website, which is available around-the-clock. Each license has a yearly price.


A safe system is iBabs. Through the use of portable devices, it helps decision-makers while enriching meetings. iBabs offers total control over decision-making procedures as well as a productive way to monitor the flow of pertinent information.

Everyone can now run board meetings, schedule meetings, and keep track of agendas, objectives, and decisions thanks to iBabs. Users can examine files, authorize file access, send invitations, manage calendars, link documents to agendas, and connect papers to agendas. Additionally, it gives managers access to offline documents, updates, note-taking capabilities, meeting summaries, and the ability to assign action items.


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