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Choosing Windows 10 Torrent App

Torrent clients help download data from them in the Windows 10 operating system. For many years, torrent file exchangers have been gaining popularity. Now there are a large number of programs for downloading data from these exchanges. But which program is better to download files from them is up to the user.

This article contains the best torrent clients for Windows 10. Depending on the capabilities of the program and its disadvantages, it is worth making a choice. Many programs for downloading torrents can be easily sifted out.

Indeed, the best programs can be found in our ranking. Only after familiarizing yourself with the advantages and disadvantages, make your choice. What are the best Windows 10 torrent Applications?


According to many experts, uTorrent is the best free torrent client in the world. The love of users and a huge set of functions have brought the program to the best torrent clients for many years. The application helps to download the content of any size, while not loading the system.

The principle of operation is quite simple. A single file is divided into separate sections and simultaneously downloads them from different users who downloaded the program. Accordingly, the more users downloaded the file, the higher the download speed of torrent files.

In uTorrent, it’s easy to stop and resume downloads even after restarting your computer. The streaming download function downloads the file in the sequence. For example, if you are downloading a movie, you can simultaneously view the downloaded portion and continue the download process in parallel.

The simple interface has detailed statistics: speed, number of distributors, time to completion, priority, and limits.


  • the program is free;
  • parallel loading of several files;
  • minimal consumption of system resources;
  • Drag-and-drop technology;
  • download torrent files from the RSS feed.


  • there is no built-in player;
  • a lot of advertising;
  • opens by default when you turn on your computer.


This program is, in fact, the ancestor of all modern torrent clients. It was the first to use the protocol on which all programs of this type are now based. In terms of interface and capabilities, BitTorrent is very similar to the above-described µTorrent. It easily allows you to load any data, even in parallel.

BitTorrent is no longer being developed for other systems, and it also does not have its own mobile application. But it works great on the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system. It offers fast downloads of multiple large files. As in the big brother, there is support for all the necessary interface languages.


Along with the classic torrent client, directories of films, games, programs, and books are available to the user to download files from exchangers. Additionally, you can use the built-in media player to view video content. It is worth noting not only the presence of a large catalog but also the ability to search with detailed descriptions.

It is not an easy client to download torrent files, but a whole service. Like other programs, MediaGet has an ad built into the interface. The disadvantages include the inability to set the boot priority. In terms of speed, it easily outperforms its main rivals.

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