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The Witcher 3 – Main Game Hacks

It’s a very helpful article for all the Witcher games fans! Find out how to get Witcher 3 best steel sword, the easiest way to receive XP, and many other features.

Why It’s Hard to Use Cheats in the Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3 is an undeniable masterpiece in the gaming market. It changed the whole industry and set new standards for RPG games as well as other game genres. The setting became a hit, the selling of previous Witcher games increased, and the franchise received worldwide spreading and success. Besides the great storytelling, excellent optimization, and perfect game mechanics, the developers of the game made all possible to fix all the bugs with every patch they released. In this way, many profitable tricks were disabled. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to cheat in the Witcher even without playing the early versions of the game. During the years, players found some hacks that still working well even in the current version. 

Top Best Hacks in The Game

The Witcher is a truly quality product. So, some cheats require a player to make some preparations and don’t available in the game initially. However, some of them are just inaccuracies of the engine used in the game. Let’s check the list of the most useful of them:

  • Console commands. If a player would change enter DBGConsoleOn=true in the general section of general.ini file (the folder with the game – bin – config – base), they could access the command console in the game by pressing ~. It’s the most profitable cheat as it’s possible to bring a lot of special items, to teleport, win a Gwent game, play as Ciri, learn skills, and many other possibilities. Just search the full list of the commands on the Internet, it’s impressive and may provide so much great fun. Such cheat is great if you have faced issues in the game and your progress is stuck for a long time. Also, it’s very helpful for crafting items and collecting Gwent cards.
  • Easy XP. Moving to the water southwest direction of Novigrad, dive. There will be some Drowners that secure a chest. Kill them underwater with your crossbow, turn your camera to see other Drowners that have just spawned. The monsters will respawn until you open the chest. It’s a good chance to quickly up several levels without a risk to die, only if Geralt will drown. So don’t forget to breathe from time to time.
  • Endless food. Traveling in Clan Tordarroch Forge, you may find a sheep pasture. Kill all sheep and loot their meat, then meditate. After a certain time of meditation (usually, one hour is enough), there will be new goats respawned. Follow the algorithm until you receive as much food as you need.
  • Unlimited sprint. While running, jump a moment before your stamina will get fully empty. It will recover till the moment you land.
  • Infinite storage. Sometimes inventory may cause a lot of annoying problems when it’s full. To avoid it, but keep all your items, leave unnecessary stuff in the Inn in Skellige in the corner of a room. All your property will be represented as a bag and you can back and get it back whenever you need it. It’ll never disappear.

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